This Cobra Driver Was Warned To Not Run In The 10s Again And He Took It Too Far

Cobra driver 10 seconds

This Cobra Driver Was Warned To Not Run In The 10s Again And He Took It Too Far

This is what happens when you play on the track without a rollcage. It’s not about playing with your life. This Cobra driver was warned a couple of times that he would be banned from the track for the rest of the season if he ran in the 10s again. The point is that the car is not equipped with a rollcage. What are you going to do in such case? Most of the guys would leave the track and think about installing a rollcage. This is not the case with this guy. He decided that it’s too early to go home. That’s why he did a couple more runs on the track. He was really fast but he didn’t get in the 10s time…

The secret for not being banned is quite simple. Every run he waited for the green light and then he was waiting four more seconds. After those 4 seconds he put the hammer down. That’s the way he did it. Wait for 4 seconds, put the hammer down and that’s it – you have your 14-seconds run. Simple as that. Obviously you are in the 10s without your rollcage in the car. This all took place on the old KCIR drag strip. The track is now being shut down by a corrupt city forcing its closure.

It’s all about the rules in this case. Your time starts when the green light is on.

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Most tracks around the world got this rule – if you are faster than 10 seconds, then you need a cage.

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