Comparison Between The Russian Presidential Limo And The Obama’s “Beast”

Russian presidential limo

Comparison Between The Russian Presidential Limo And The Obama’s “Beast”

There is something unique about driving in Russia – we don’t know whether it’s the vodka or just the culture there. Anyway you should be ready for anything when driving in Russia. If you browse the Internet, you will find plenty of Russian dash cam videos showing insane things. Basically the driving in Russia isn’t a feat for the meek. The Russian presidential limousine is an extraordinary vehicle proving that Vladimir Putin knows how to spend laundered money well. The armored ride cost $54 million to the Russian government. The Russia’s presidential limo was built 2 years ago and now we are going to compare it with the ‘Beast’ that was actually made in 2008.

The first thing is that the Russia’s limo could be used by all high-level government officials and not just only for the president. An interesting fact is that there are a total of four other limousines that were sold to rich Russian oil oligarchs. Four different versions were sold including a minivan, a standard limousine, a sedan and a SUV. The engine under the hood is made by Porsche. There is no information about the engine but rumours say that it as a turbocharged V12 engine. We all know that most of the information related to the ‘Beast’ is classified for security reasons. It’s pretty much the same with the Russia’s presidential limousine. In the end we truly believe that the Russia’s limo will be a fairly safe mode of transport.

It’s going to be anything like a Russian tank. When it comes to the exterior, we could say that Russia has a certain degree of coolness. This is one of the things that the Beast lacks.

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When you have a closer look at the roofline, it truly reminds us of Chrysler 300 and a Rolls Royce Phantom.

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