Cummins Charger Rolling Coal Trying To Haul a Boat

Cummins Charger Hauling Boat

Cummins Charger Rolling Coal Trying To Haul a Boat

Our favourite period of the year, summer is almost over. And many of us are making last minute preparation to spend the weekend and take full advantage of it! Every preparation is different, every one of us has own things that need to be done, so it can end the summer in the best possible way.

Students are preparing for the start of the new school year and some of them are taking summer exams, and we all know how hard it can be to study in this time of the year, while the others are using their extra free time to make sure that this summer is going to end in a fantastic way! Maybe, for a last time this season, they are visiting their summer houses, and they are bringing all the necessary gear with them, such as paddle boards, fishing rods, etc. and probably the most important item (for those who own one) – a boat!!

Everything is ready and in place and the only thing to do is to arrive at your end of summer destination. In the video below, you are going to see how this guy is taking all of the abovementioned seriously and is ready for the remaining period of the summer. The guy in the video is driving a Cummins Charger that is carrying a boat in the back. Maybe it doesn’t sound very interesting, but when you hear the sound that this vehicle is producing with the huge black cloud that come out from the exhaust, you will be surprised!

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Rolling coal like a boss. That’s how we could describe this Cummins Charger hauling a boat on the highway. It’s doing fine unless a V8 Dodge Ram passes roaring with a 6500+lbs boat. Take a look at the video and see it for yourself. Feel free to give your thoughts in the comment section below.

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