This Deal Is For Real – Dealer Selling 727-hp Ford Mustang For $40K

cheap 727-hp Ford Mustang

ThisDeal Is For Real – Dealer Selling 727-hp Ford Mustang For $40K

This is what we call a good performance bargain. The car is available for sale in Lebanon, Ohio from a Ford dealer. The ride is a real Hellcat-killing machine – a brand new 727-horsepower Ford Mustang GT. The price? You won’t believe it but you could have this Mustang for just $39,995. This is more than $24,000 off. The dealership actually acts as a Roush-authorized facility and it is one of six in Ohio. The deal is part of the dealership’s strategy. They aim to establish a nationwide base of enthusiasts. They are not willing to make huge profits on each car. On the top of that you could order your car directly from your home – the guys will ship anywhere.

If you still wonder what is the real price of this Mustang, here is the deal. The base 5.0-liter Ford Mustang GT costs $32,395. So far, so good. If you look at the Roush pricelist you will see that Phase 2 supercharger kit in addition to their 2.3-liter TVS blower cost $7,549.99. That’s it – our simple calculations show that you will have a brand new 727-horsepower Mustang GT for only $39,995. Installing the Phase 2 kit takes only 12 hours according to Roush’s own website. This is the only thing that you will not pay and is included in the price for free. In the end you will own a base Mustang with a supercharger. That’s the point. You won’t have a body kit installed, bigger rims and stuff like this.

You don’t buy Roush’s Stage 1, 2, or 3 masterpieces – just a base Mustang with some added stuff under the hood.

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The brakes and the suspension are not upgraded that might be a problem with all that power. You better upgrade with more powerful brakes and stiffer suspension at some point.

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