Desperate Dan Presents His Supercharged Home Made Straight Eight Engine

straight eight engine

Desperate Dan Presents His Supercharged Home Made Straight Eight Engine

How does it sound to fire up a straight eight engine? This is Chris Ireland (Desperate Dan) who is the editor of Brit Chopper magazine and he is a mad scientist when it comes to home made engines. He is going to present us his latest piece of automobile art – a twin-engined supercharged trike motor. When it comes to this engine – there ain’t no substitute for cubic inches. This guy actually took two NSU vehicle engines (straight 4 each) and added one GMC supercharger. NSU cars are very old vehicle that were bought by Volkswagen group.

We are part of those people who love straight eight engines. Like this guy who filmed this. He is not like the mass of people who are about to build a hot or rat rod. They just pick up an engine from another car and install it directly or with some additional modifications. Desperate Dan took his time to built something unique. In the end we see this one of a kind straight eight engine created by combining two four cylinder engines. We could hear the roar of this beast in the video on our next page.

If you take a closer look at this piece of art you will notice that the rear engine is missing its intake manifold. This is a little wierd and we doubt that this engine is functional at all. Basically there are a couple of vehicles that actually existed from the factory with straight eight engines.

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Let’s get back to the topic. We already said that this actually represents two four cylinder engines gathered together. A GMS supercharger is added to the picture and one chain driven rover V8 distributor. Those NSU engines run backwards – that’s anti-clockwise if you are looking at the front. When watching the video you should pay attention and check out the pulley rotation when the engine fires up. Desperate Dan said that building this one was not plain sailing. It took him 6 months and there were a lot of times he wanted to smash it to bits. In the end it was worth it.

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