How Different Types Of Clutches Work (VIDEO)


How Different Types Of Clutches Work (VIDEO)

Let’s begin this article by saying that clutches are the essential link between the engine and the drivetrain of the car. Clutches could take many shapes and forms. We are going to start with the basic friction clutch. You could find it in cars with 90bhp or 900bhp under the hood. With its help you will be able to transmit all the torque through the transmission. This type of clutches is the most common and most of the cars use this form. This form of friction clutch could be operated by cable or hydraulically. We have a pressure plate, a clutch plate(disk) and a release bearing.

The last component is used to engage and disengage the flywheel and the gearbox. We could divide this form into a simple single-plate clutch and a multiplate clutch. A simple single-plate clutch is used in most of the cars on the market. The second one (a multiplate clutch) is found only in higher powered engines. We could also divide the clutches into wet and dry. The wet ones are used in cars. As we said earlier we have like a couple of disks there and the only thing needed is oil to lubricate and cool the components.

When the powertrain is rated to be over 250lb ft of torque, it is a must to put a wet clutch to avoid excessive wear to the clutch plate and to ensure smooth shifting.

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On the other hand the dry clutches are missing the oil supply and this is why they are generally single-plate.

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