Do Check Under The Hood Of This 1968 Dodge Charger,Its Supercharger Hemi 572 Is Unbelievable

1968 Dodge Charger Supercharger Hemi 572

Do Check Under The Hood Of This 1968 Dodge Charger,Its Supercharger Hemi 572 Is Unbelievable

Although the popular opinion is that Japanese are only in the mood for Nissan’s GTRs and Honda Civics it looks like that we are not entirely right. Lately you can notice a lot of MOPAR muscle beasts such as Charger, Barracuda or Challenger they are widely spread and drove all over Japan by the Japanese car enthusiasts. The following video proves exactly my point. In it is presented a big, heavy, powerful and amazing 1968 Dodge Charger, a classic American muscle car.

This muscle car draws a lot of attention due to its HEMI 572 supercharger and his atrocious horsepower. It has endured some pretty obvious changes but it still maintains his factory faithful look. Although when compared to contemporary modern cars it gets terrible mileage and has average brakes. It doesn’t matter. Mine is a 440 4-speed. It’ turns heads and opens mouths everywhere it goes. Truly remarkable performance has magnificent speeding up but handles like a battleship. It produces a great sound. There is no room for discussion this is a tire smoking car!!! Nothing can beat this in an image design.

Remember it is a 68 model. It is easy to find performance parts to this car and new types of suspension and brakes which makes the job much easy. That Charger is untamed!! Also it was strange to see a 90’s Dodge Ram.

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By the way that Charger model kit is one of the best kits Revell has ever made, almost up there with Tamiya and the like. Great video, about the QOTD.

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