Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is The New Sheriff In Town

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is The New Sheriff In Town

Dodge are about to launch this new ride pretty soon. In their latest teaser, the company managed to detail all the upgrades done here. In the list you could find the new torque converter. The interesting part here is that this new ride will launch with much more venom than the Hellcat version. Sounds nice! You could watch the video on our next page and see the Demon. If you browse the internet you will find that there are a total of 14 videos – all teasers. The video on our next page is teaser number six. The point in all these videos is that the Demon will be a hero when it comes to launches.

With the upgraded torque converter this beast needs new tires. For this purpose, the guys at Dodge put it fat 315-section drag radials front and rear. The engineers installed an eight-speed automatic gearbox in addition to the 3.09 final drive ratio, compared to 2.62 on the Hellcat version. In other words – the acceleration is the priority here over the top speed. With everything added to this ride we will have a car that will ‘generate more than 35 percent higher launch force’ compared to a Challenger Hellcat. The car is fitted with Wrinklewall” slicks.

These tires are specifically designed for the special requirements of drag racing. The company constructed the tire in such a way as to allow the sidewall to be twisted by the torque applied at launch.

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Thanks to their structure we have a tire that softens the initial start and reduces that chances of breaking traction.

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