Don’t Do This At Home – Guy Put A Bicycle Wheel On His Car (Video)

bicycle wheel on car

Don’t Do This At Home – Guy Put A Bicycle Wheel On His Car (Video)

In the video on our next we are going to meet Bill Mould. He is a bike mechanic, a wheel builder and a wheel engineer. A few years ago he had the idea of trying to build a bicycle wheel that would be strong enough to support a car. The idea didn’t come like that – a local engineer contacted Bill to make this happen. Currently the other engineer has a fabrication capability to make four universal adapters to fit the bicycle wheels to the vehicle. It’s really an interesting concept and there are a couple of things that come to our minds. If this happens and the bicycle wheel really supports the car, the movement (forward and backward) isn’t going to be a problem at all. What about turning and cornering?

Car rims are strong enough when it comes to running over rocks/some kind of obstacles and potholes. Bicycle wheels would fail in such conditions. There is one more thing – what about running this bicycle wheels on a highway? You definitely can’t use those wheels due to extreme heating. So, the concept is definitely not for highway driving. Let’s see if this interesting experiment will succeed or fail in the end. We doubt that these bicycle wheels could support such a large vertical load, but who knows. For this experiment, Bill Mould is going to use a 36″ spoke wheel. It runs smoothly in his hands and it would be quite strong and reliable if you plan to use it on your bike. The problem is that Bill had figure out a way to attach it to a car.

The other issue is that he has to find a stronger axle and some kind of an adapter. The last one is needed in order to attach the wheel to the car’s hub.

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The solution should be universal, as some hubs got 4 bolts, some got 5, some got 6 and even the bolts diameter changes.

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