Don’t Street Race On Public Streets – Mustang GT Driver Gets 12 Years Prison for Two Deaths

Mustang GT crash

Don’t Street Race On Public Streets – Mustang GT Driver Gets 12 Years Prison for Two Deaths

In this article we are going to say a few words about a race with no winners. On the top of that, the real owner of the killer car was not inside. It’s a good example of a bad idea – to loan someone your ride when you know they are going to street race. A street race that ended with two dead spectators. The driver killed these guys during an illegal street race and right after that was sentenced to 12 years in state prison. The guy behind the wheel was Gary Balyan, age 43 of North Hollywood, California. He was standing on the line with a Gunmetal Gray Mustang GT next to a 2013 Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Gary Balyan didn’t manage to go very far from the line as he lost control over the Mustang GT in a fog of burning rubber. What happened next was just terrible. He lost control and mowed into a crowd of spectators. All spectators were trying to escape the scene as soon as they realized that things turned really bad. Two guys were trapped by the Mustang and killed – Thomas Wong and Eric Siguenza. There was one more guy seriously injured in the Canoga Avenue scene. In the end we have this illegal street race that went wrong, two killed spectators and two drivers in the jail. Yes, that’s right – the other driver was also sentenced to one year in jail and five years’ formal probation.

If you are one of these Mustang360 readers, you might recognize the GT-R driver – 39 year old Irael Valenzuela of Los Angeles.

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The real owner of the totalled Mustang GT is Henry Gevorgyan of Van Nuys. He was also sentenced to one year in county jail, three years’ formal probation.

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