Drifting RC Van Equipped With Hiace Speaker System

Drifting RC van Hiace speaker system

Drifting RC Van Equipped With Hiace Speaker System

As the years go passing by we are still willing to play with some toys. In this case it’s all about this little radio controlled cars. Nowadays we could race with radio controlled boats, fly with RC planes and even drift with some custom made RC cars. These little toys still bring us joy but they are way more expensive than the toys that we used to play with. There are specially designed tracks for drifting with RC vehicles.

There are a lot of custom made and built toys but as always people are trying to get more attention with the details. We are going to show you a van equipped with a speaker system. Initially, it doesn’t seem to be something so special. But when the guy lifts the rear door you are about to see something amazing. It’s like you are watching Fast and Furious with some RC vehicles.

In our case our small drifting van is equipped with Hiace speaker system – 2 speakers and a working video screen with touch function. This guy definitely raised the bar to this van being awesome with this feature installed. It’s pretty much cooler to drift while listening to Ludacris from the trunk of your van. Now you have the attention of everyone around the track – it’s time to show them some skills…

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We are now ready to buy a RC van and put some cool music inside. You have no idea how much we want that thing. The van in the video is actually a 1/10 scale GCRC Van going around the track. Are you ready to turn the music on and play ‘Ludacris – Act A Fool’ on your Hiace speaker system installed in the RC van? We are about to browse the internet and order one. Proceed to our next page and enjoy the drifting RC van while listening to Ludacris.

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