Drive The New Volvo FMX Like You Hate It!

Volvo FMX truck

Drive The New Volvo FMX Like You Hate It!

Fifty years ago these words were made famous by a Volvo campaign. Yet they have never been more relevant than they are today. It’s one thing to say your truck is tough, but it’s another to hand the wheel over to a 4-year-old and let her crash it through buildings and ravines. The new Volvo FMX is built for the toughest working conditions on earth. Beneath the robust exterior, a revolutionary new steering system takes the weight off your shoulders, and purpose-designed suspension evens out the terrain. You’ll get the job done quicker, and smoother. Volvo’s FMX truck is powered by the new Automatic Traction Control technology, which automatically engages when needed in difficult road conditions.

In the video the girl, identified as Sophie Brown, did not really drive the truck. Rather, it was converted into an RC racer, which she can control remotely. “The remote control used by Sophie was specially made for this film. Highly sensitive, the compact RC unit provided access to steering, accelerator, gearshift and brakes”, Sophie was asked to steer it along a torturous course that involved a gigantic swinging block, a route swallowed by sand and mud, a gravel pit, fireworks along the way and several concrete structures that all needed to be avoided.

What follows is pretty much what you’d expect (or hope for): a joyous rampage outside the lines of an obstacle course.

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Sophie is clearly having the time of her life, though as expected, Brown did not do very well in her task: the truck got smashed, fell in a ditch and crashed into a house.

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