Driving The Future With A 2017 Ford Mustang Shooting Hatch

1966 Ford Mustang Wagon

Driving The Future With A 2017 Ford Mustang Shooting Hatch

What is actually a shooting hatch or a shooting brake? This is basically a 2-door wagon full of everything you might need in a car. Is this really the future? What do you guys think about it? The latest Mustang is one hell of a ride. On the other hand all fast estates and shooting brakes are cool as well. That’s why we have this concept right here – a pure combination between them. The idea of creating this beast comes from a 24-year old man called Rain Prisk. He is a big self-confessed fan of shooting brakes. If you think that this is a bad idea – let’s get back in the 1960s. At this time Ford was selling over a million Mustang units in eighteen months! It was so successful that Ford decided that it was the right moment to add to the production line a Shooting Brake option.

The production went as far as building two full-size styling bucks. Building two-door wagons at this time wasn’t something uncommon – we had the Chevy Nomad and Volvo P1800ES. The guys at Ford probably wouldn’t have been called it a ‘Shooting Brake’ model, but we have it now as a concept. We have the old shooting hatch built for the W. J. Thompson advertising agency. According to Rain Prisk who did the mockups, it was just a matter of time for him to create this amazing concept. This Mustang is still not real, so we expect him to build it or even Ford to build it and get it into production next year.

As you could see from the photos (most of them are placed on our next page) this is not the traditional shooting brake conversion. It’s not even a regular hatchback or wagon. If you could find a better name for this concept, share it below with us.

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As we all know the current 6th generation Mustang doesn’t include such body style, so we expect to see it in the next Mustang series.

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