Driving In A Straight Line Is Much More Difficult – 2015 5.0 Ford Mustang Destroyed During Drag Race

2015 5.0 Ford Mustang crash

Driving In A Straight Line Is Much More Difficult – 2015 5.0 Ford Mustang Destroyed During Drag Race

Outlaw Armageddon no prep drag racing is an event that offers over $30,000 in cash for the winner. Here you could see the biggest names in this kind of drag racing in one place. It represents a weekend full of races and the main point here is that the no prep races are created to put the outcome of each race more in the hands of the drivers. In the other series of drag racing it is more about the money poured into the race cars.

Here the track is never touched by a human, as we mean no traction compound sprays applied and without heating the surface. That’s what we call a race – everything is up to the drivers and their cars. Skills, speed, beer and only one winner. But as it is a race and there are thousands of modified cars racing there, accidents happen. We should thank God for having this modern safety equipment. In most of the cases most of the drivers step out of the car in a couple of seconds after the crash.

During the last event in August a 2015 Ford Mustang 5.0 driver found out that driving in a straight line is much more difficult than it sounds. He thought it was supposed to be easy to go and drag race to show what his car is capable of doing. Yeah, drag racing is a great way to show what you got but on the other hand pushing your ride to the limit isn’t that easy. This guy brought his brand new 2015 supercharged Ford Mustang 5.0 to the track and he was about to race against what appears to be a 1990 Chevrolet Camaro.

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The driver didn’t know that this was going to be the last race for his vehicle ever. From the very start of the race it seemed that the Mustang is not stable and it was a matter of time its driver to loose control over the car. Seconds after the race start the Mustang driver slammed into the wall. Luckily the Mustang’s airbags deployed and saved the driver from being hurt. As we know this car got a 5-star crash test rating and saved this guy’s life.

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