Enterprise DSG-36 Antique Diesel Engine Breathes Fire Again After 30 Year Slumber

Antique Diesel Engine

Enterprise DSG-36 Antique Diesel Engine Breathes Fire Again After 30 Year Slumber

No matter how old some machines and powerful motors are, or for how many years they had been used, you can never, ever replace it. The reason for that is because they are manufactured and constructed in a perfect, flawless way, and it seems like they can be used for a thousand of years. In the video attached in this article, you are going to see an antique diesel engine, which is a perfect sample of that.

“Enterprise DSG-36” is how this old diesel engine is called. It can be associated with the well-known Star Trek spaceship, but it was actually made and constructed for something else that is earthbound. The company that made it was acknowledged for their “heavy four-stroke cycle diesel motors, which were functioning in the average range speeds”. The company originated in the 19th century near San Francisco, their main purpose was building motors for the navy.

This powerful old motor is a 6-cylinder 4 cycle diesel engine, with 1.7 displacements per cylinder. It has more than 10 000 cubic inch in total, it provides a total of 600 horsepower’s at 600 rpm (it can achieve 900 horsepower’s with a turbocharger), and it has been over thirty years since it was last started.

In World War II these engines were in a high demand by the navy, powering its ships. Some of these Enterprise DSG-36 engines can still be found in the marine service. The one that we found is not one of those. We think that it was used as a power generator, or something similar to that. Besides the fact that it has been three decades since it was last started, this powerful Enterpise DSG-36 motor has no problem to do its duties again.

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