Epic Drag Battle – 1971 Challenger Vs 1973 Challenger

Challenger drag race

Epic Drag Battle – 1971 Challenger Vs 1973 Challenger

For those that are more familiar with the muscle cars world and sports car section know that in the Middle East country of Lebanon people are crazy for drag racing, especially with muscle cars. And therefore we have prepared for you a video that is happening exactly at the streets of Lebanon. It’s a short one, but believe us, it’s one very exciting drag race. What you are about to see will put a big smile to many of you, especially to Mopar fans. In this street drag race there are two amazing Dodge vehicles facing each other, a 1971 and 1973 Dodge Challengers.

We would like to notice that we certainly are not approving anything similar to this. There is always a possibility (if racing on the street) of pedestrians appearing at any given place and moment, that is just an accident waiting to happen. But there are individuals all over the world that don’t care very much about that. There is nothing for us or you to do, that will stop that.

Enough with the long talk, we are here to show you the thing that interests you the most, the two different and amazing models of the Dodge Challenger.

As we said before, it is a short video, in which you can only see the cars get ready for the race, as they are spinning the wheels and accelerating on the road. Aldo we don’t know the outcome of the race, just watching these to great Mopar samples in a place that is on the other side of the world, is a real pleasure. Take a look at the video below and enjoy in these gorgeous beasts!

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