Ever Wondered How LS Owners Think? You Won’t After This!

things LS owners say

Ever Wondered How LS Owners Think? You Won’t After This!

The LS owners are so proud of their cars. And there is a good reason for that. In this video we are going to hear some really strange thoughts coming from LS owners that went a little over the edge. We present you one famous guy, Adam Sutherland, who is going to show us his badass panty droppin’ 2002 WS6 Trans Am. He is going to stop by and say a few things related to modifying and tuning. In the very beginning you should pay attention on his words “When you rew it up you can hear the national anthem”.

Have you ever wondered what LS stands for? The guy has the answer – LS stands for long shaft. Adam states that this hell of a beast is powered by the only engine that matters… LS. Let’s say a few words about the exterior of the car. The front hood is all stock wit this air intakes that guarantee you about 50 extra horsepowers. The headlights are designed like this, so when you take the car on the drag strip you will get better aerodynamic. The owners usually turn the headlights at night when they are looking for some girls.

Of course, that the video is a joke but it’s a good one. There are lots of nice stuff and words about the LS cars and their owners, so take a sit and laugh loud.

2016 Shelby F150

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If you are an LS owner, don’t take this video seriously. Have a look at its funny side. Hope you enjoy.

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