Extreme Shooting: Clay Pigeons Shooting While Doing Donuts In A Ferrari

Clay Pigeons Shooting While Doing Donuts In A Ferrari

Extreme Shooting: Clay Pigeons Shooting While Doing Donuts In A Ferrari

Clay target shooting a.k.a. Clay pigeon shooting is actually a sport where people shoot a firearm at special flying targets. Those flying targets are known as clay pigeons or clay targets. You should be a professional to shoot at moving objects. You should consider the wind, the height, the rifle and many many other. When you hit the target it is called a “kill” and if you miss it the term is a “bird away”. All this comes from the past when live-pigeon competitions were held.

Nowadays such competitions are forbidden and machines were added to the game. The shooting machines are known as “trap” items. This sport got at least 20 different forms of regulated disciplines all over the world. We are going to see what this five time sharpshooting champion Philip Thorrold could show us. This guy is actually the owner and founder of the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy. This academy was created with the intention to provide trainees with the best source of knowledge and training for shotgun shooting.

What could actually show us a guy who has been shooting since the age of 6. Philip got over 46 years of experience and is considered to be one of the world’s top shooters. This time he is going to show us something amazing – Philip is going to shoot at clay pigeons while doing donuts in a Ferrari. On the top of that the guy didn’t miss a target. How about this? This guy is just a brilliant shooter and playing the game like a boss.

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When we said playing, the first time when we saw the video we thought that we could do the same thing in grand theft auto 5. The video is not so long, but definitely proves the Philip’s skills. You could see that the guy didn’t miss a flying target. We are not sure if the car was his own or in the end they returned this rental car. There is only one thing missing in this footage – beautiful girls and nice whiskey. What do you guys think?

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