Fearless truck driver risks his life to save brand new car

fearless truck driver

Fearless truck driver risks his life to save brand new car

In situation like this one, there are just a few people in the whole world who would do this. We talk about a burning vehicle transporter full of brand new rides. Somehow the whole truck got caught in flames and the driver did something unbelievable. He reverses a brand new ride off his blazing lorry. The truck driver risked his own life to save a car. He did it by reversing the vehicle off the back of his burning vehicle transporter. You might be thinking – why he did it? All these cars there are covered by some insurance company, so why someone should risk his life to do something like this.

There aren’t many guys who would risk their own lives to save a car. This one went into the back of the burning truck and drove the last car to safety away from the huge blaze. This happened 10 days ago on a Chinese road. All the other cars were engulfed in flames. That’s why the driver saved only this one. It was too late to try to save the rest of the cars. You could watch the video on our next page to see this guy in action. As you are going to see there were no attempts to extinguish the huge fire. All drivers were passing like there was nothing happening there on the road. We don’t know the reason for this accident, but this guy deserves to be seen.

We could call him brave or reckless – in both cases we have him filmed driving a brand new car off the burning truck.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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Fortunately, the man and the brand new car were both safe and unscratched.

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