Feel The Diesel Power With This Triple Turbo 6.4 Powerstroke

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Feel The Diesel Power With This Triple Turbo 6.4 Powerstroke

The power and value of the Ford Powerstroke engines are well known to most of us, almost everyone. And maybe most of the Chevy truck fans may not agree with our opinion, but we think, despite few flaws, that this is one of the best diesel engines ever made. And whenever you see a demonstration of its power it’s paradise for the eyes.

Therefore the video that we have for you to see is exactly that, a true joyride for all you Ford Powerstroke fanatics, who want to feel their favourite diesel truck running. As you saw on the title, this is not just a standard 6.4 Ford Powerstroke, or even the more powerful Twin Turbo Powerstroke, it is a monster Triple Turbo 6.4 Powerstroke engine.

A little heads up for the video, the Triple Turbo Kits are most known for the total utilization of the stock Turbo Charger engines, they are distributing Lower EGTs, better drivability, as well as a number of Turbo Charger Options. Take a look at the video below and feel free to send your comments and opinion, about this Ford Powerstroke beast.

After watching the video you will notice that the guy takes it slowly as the truck is not properly tuned yet. Adding all those three turbo chargers in the end is not such a big deal. Some people would consider this to be a waste of money. And the results are simple – a bunch of smoke and noise. Adding this turbo kit will not improve the overall performance of the truck. It’s still going to be the same when it comes to hill climbing, mud or river crossing, rock flexing and stuff like this.

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