Finally, It’s The Weekend – Here Are 8 Simple Mods You Could Do

8 simple car mods

Finally, It’s The Weekend – Here Are 8 Simple Mods You Could Do

If you are a car guy the you will be interested to see these simple modifications that you could do over the weekend. It doesn’t matter what ride do you own – a pickup truck, a sport compact, an import car or a muscle car. Every single car guy is always ready to modify their ride. The first thing that you could do over a weekend is the basic maintenance. That’s not really a mod and it’s quite boring, but this should be done from time to time. Check if it’s time to change the spark plugs or the fuel filter.

If your ride is equipped with a mass airflow sensor then buy a dedicated MAF cleaner and spray it. The second mod is installing sway bars. This little modification could give your machine a completely different feel. This part doesn’t require any special adjustment and it’s quick to install them. Strut tower bars are also included in the list – pretty much are similar to sway bars, but the strut tower bars help tie everything together. This mod works to reduce chassis flex. Installing a cold air intake is something that you should install in order to get a few extra horsepower.

Manufacturers deny that installing the so-called cold-air intakes could bring you extra horsepower. For sure, this mod could not reduce your horsepower, as it represents a pipe with a cone filter. Mod number 5 says to change our brake pads with a good set of semi-metallic brake pads. For most of the car enthusiasts this is just a piece of cake to be done. You will have to pay more for such set of pads but you will definitely feel the difference after repeatedly hitting the brakes and actually stop. The pinstriping is something new and you should not go overboard. This mod could be applied very easy when the car surface is clean.

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The next mod is related to the appearance of your machine – to black out pillars and mirrors. If these parts are painted in the body colour, you should consider changing their colour. You should prepare these items first before actually applying the paint. Basically you need an abrasive scuff pad, rubbing alcohol, flat or semi-gloss trim paint. The last thing in our list is about cleaning up your headlights. If you got those cloudy headlights or the plastic material changed dramatically its colour because of the sun, it’s time to bring back the visibility at night.

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