Free Gas Offer – Put Your Bikini And Fuel Up For Free

petrol station free gas bikini

Free Gas Offer – Put Your Bikini And Fuel Up For Free

If getting free gasoline was as simple as wearing bikini, we would drive vehicle with V12 engine under the hood. Most of us know how expensive the gas could be and had read a lot of articles to get more miles to the gallon. There are a lot of car hacks when it comes to fuel economy – taking care of your speed, breaking less often, monitoring the tires pressure, avoiding the wind resistance and turning off the air conditioner. There are more and more articles written on the topic but we will skip them.

We are going to have a look on the other side of this picture – the petrol stations. Customers are the most important thing in this business. There are gas stations everywhere, so every owner should find a way to attract new customers somehow. We are going to Ukraine, Europe to see the latest trick and find out if it really works. Want free gas – go and get it for free at a gas station in Kiev. There is only one condition – you should be wearing bikini. That’s all!

The guys there offered free fuel to anyone coming in wearing bikini. There were a lot of guys who fuelled up and then just stayed to to watch the lovely parade of beautiful bodies. You might be thinking – yeah, it’s good for the ladies but what about the men? It is said – ‘wearing bikini’ which means that it’s OK if you are a guy and put some bikini just to fuel up. There were guys like that and it was fun all day long. There are a couple of feminists that might be still mad at this gas station, but we don’t care about them.

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The whole thing here is based on a novel idea with the intention to promote the petrol station and help people score a free load gasoline. We think that it was more than a great idea to promote their business and they will definitely get some more new customers waiting for the next free entrance. By the way it seemed that the girls appreciated all the attention during this day showing their nice bodies.

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