Furious 7 MAXIMUS 1968 Charger Puts Down 2000HP On 18″ Wide Tire

MAXIMUS 1968 Charger

Furious 7 MAXIMUS 1968 Charger Puts Down 2000HP On 18″ Wide Tire

The small California based company called Nelson Racing Engines is responsible for the production of a real beast, a 2000 horsepower monster. And the guy behind this hell of a ride is non-other than the owner Tom Nelson. If you enter into his workshop you will experience mixed feelings. Nelson Racing Engines opened in 1995. Since then, the owner Tom Nelson creates combinations with the passion he had when building hot rods as a teen for his friends.

Enough about Tom Nelson, let’s look at The Furious 7 Maximus 1968 Charger. That’s what this article about. It’s a real piece of automobile art and under the hood there is one of the most powerful engines. The car is equipped with a 2,000 horsepower V8 9.4-liter HEMI engine. The engine is heavily modified, of course, and features twin NRE turbo chargers, twin water-to-air intercoolers and a dual injection intake manifold.

But this is not the most powerful engine Tom and his team has built, they have built a twin-turbo twin-intercooled twin-fuel injected engine delivering the ridiculously insane 2,400 horsepower. 1968 Dodge Charger ‘Maximus’ had stolen the attention of lot of people at the last SEMA show where the car was presented for the first time. Here are some more details about the specifications of this 200 horsepower monster: 400% more rigidity is obtained with the upgraded chassis. The fuel tank of the car is something special. The Maximus features a billet aluminum machined custom fuel tank. It weighs around 180lbs when empty and it is split into two chambers. The first one is filled with 91 octane pump gas, while the second one is filled with 116 octane race fuel. The reason for that is the use of the car. If you opt for a daily use you will use the first section that run with 91 octane pump gas, but if you would like to push the gas pedal you will be able to run to the maximum performance of the car, with the second section that run on 116 octane race fuel. You could easily switch between these two modes using a button on the cockpit.

During the use of the first chamber, with a 91-octane pump gas, the engine power output is about 600 horsepower. And if you want to experience the all 2,000 horsepower’s you need to put the engine under boost and to run on the second chamber with 116 octane pump gas.

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