The Future Of Big Rigs Is Here – It’s Electric, Self-driving, And Has No Windows

future Audi truck

The Future Of Big Rigs Is Here – It’s Electric, Self-driving, And Has No Windows

In this article we are going to see the latest truck built by Audi. Yes, we know that this is the first truck from them but it is just mind-blowing. It looks awesome and it might be the future of big rigs. In addition the cab has no windows, it is self-driving and it’s all electric. Automakers like Audi used to get big rigs to transport their race cars to the track. Other car manufacturers need trucks for hauling fuel. For example, Audi used a couple of MAN trucks to carry its 3rd and 4th-place-finishing racers to Le Mans. It’s all about delivering their super race cars for the weekend’s 24-hour race.

With this beast it seems that Audi got incredibly adventurous about its design. They took it too far with it. In the end we have this self-driving electric truck concept. The whole design is done by Artem Smirnov, of Belarus, and Vladimir Panchenko, of Ukraine. Two guys thinking about the future. They were both lead by the company’s design philosophy. You could find more pictures available on a Behance page titled Truck For Audi. The truck could be driven by a human being as well. And this is the time to say that the truck got no windows.

That’s why the drivers of this truck are positioned on the top of the cab.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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Yes, that’s right. The slippery open-cockpit truck could be ‘piloted’ from two drivers.

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