Girly Man Drivers Are Not Allowed To Drive The Largest Dump Truck In The World

Liebherr T282b the largest dump truck

Girly Man Drivers Are Not Allowed To Drive The Largest Dump Truck In The World

This truck is really huge. Its tires are 2 people tall and you could crush a small apartment building or a house with it. Liebherr Mining Equipment Co is the company that built that monster. They designed it to be the largest dump truck in the whole world. It is two axle rigid frame AC powertrain haul truck. Meet the Liebherr T282B – the highest payload capacity haul truck manufactured by the company. Its payload capacity is 400 short tons (363 t).

Liebherr T282B was introduced for the first time back in 2004 at the Bauma trade fair in Munich, Germany. The predecessor of this enormous monster is the T282 model that was powered by a 2,700 horsepower diesel/AC electric drive system. This truck is also powered by a a diesel/electric powertrain. But now we have a lot more power – T282B is equipped with two diesel engines producing 3,650 horsepower. This sounds insane.

The first option that offers 3,650 horsepower is the DDC/MTU 20V4000 90-litre V20 engine. There is a second option – Cummins QSK 78 78-litre V18 engine producing 3,500 horsepower. In addition when you pick up one of these engines, it will be coupled to a Siemens-Liebherr AC electric drive system. With all that power you still cannot bring this truck to the dragstrip. The top speed when this truck is fully loaded is 42 MPH.

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We cannot say that it will take a whole day to reach that speed, as we are not interested in the timings here. You could own one of these for the price of $5 million. The production facility where you could have a look at it is located in Newport News, Virginia, USA. If you order one of these trucks you will receive a component form at your place where the final assembly will happen.

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