Give Your Car What It Needs, Give Her A Deep Cleaning And She Will Be Thankful!

deep clean your car carpets

Give Your Car What It Needs, Give Her A Deep Cleaning And She Will Be Thankful!

When we buy a new car one of the things we want is to keep it in a good condition and not only the outside also the inside of the car. But due to number of reasons such as eating and drinking inside the car, sticky candy and drooling Fido in a short period of time we notice that the car looks beaten and worn this mainly concerns the interior of the car whether it is leather or cloth.

Today’s video is going to show us how to clean the car in the most easy way. The first thing you should do is clean the garbage gathered on the floor using a vscuum especially to clean the dirt and debris that are to small to be removed by hand. If you want to clean the stains on the seats and carpets you will need to take some special measures. The floor mats that protect the interior of the cars should also be cleaned and not neglected. It’s not difficult to assemble the necessary tools for the job of cleaning carpets in your car. The carpet cleaner is also available in a portable, handheld version.

They work in the following way first they wet a carpet down with a mix of soap and water then you need to scrub the carpet with a couple of rotating brushes, and in the end you vacuum the water and debris back up.

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These cleaners contain a small part at the top where you fill with the water and soap mixture.

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