Glowing Red Brakes On Nissan GT-R Drag Racing Procharged GS Vette

Corvette Vs GT-R drag race

Glowing Red Brakes On Nissan GT-R Drag Racing Procharged GS Vette

Today we are going to present you a video featuring two good looking cars, that will practically make you forget about the race in it and its outcome. As we are always busy looking for all that aesthetics and desirable allure. Out there on the open road you will find two speed monsters – 800 horsepower Procharged Grand Sport Chevy Corvette and an extremely tuned 940 horsepower wide body Nissan GTR R35. These two vehicle are about to go head to head in an epic drag race. Pick up one of those two sports cars as your favourite and proceed with the video to see the outcome of the race.

If you were supposed to put money on one of those incredibly fast cars, what would be your choice? The breathtaking Nissan GTR that is equipped with a massive Stoptech brakes, or the stunning Procharged Grand Sport Chevy Corvette with an automatic transmission and a V8 engine under the hood.

We will not give you any tips or give away the outcome of this race. The only thing you need to know is that the race starts from a 60 mph roll, and it goes up to 200 MPH. The most of the footage is coming from the Corvette`s passenger seat, so you will have a pretty good point of view how does it look like to be inside that beast.

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What we got here – 800HP Procharged GS Corvette and a widebody Nissan GT-R that makes 940 HP. Both driving automatics, so the winner basically will be the car with the best power to weight ratio. We won’t tell you the winner but one thing must be changed here – it’s time to upgrade the brakes on the GTR, so they could handle all that power. See the video and tell us if you won on your bet in the comments below!

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