Go Big Or Go Home – Meet The World’s Biggest MOWER

Claas Cougar is the world's biggest MOWER

Go Big Or Go Home – Meet The World’s Biggest MOWER

We present you the Claas Cougar. If you wonder what the hell this machine is, we are going to give you the answer – it’s a self-propelled mower. It is considered to be the world’s biggest mower. The machine is manufactured by the German agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas. Claas Cougar was unveiled to the public back in 2003. The designers named the mower after the large American cat known as cougar. It is considered to be the largest self-propelled mower in the world with its 46 ft cutting width. All Claas machines are 4 wheels drive and are all available in different equipment setups. The Claas Cougar mower is a 4WD machine as well.

It features four large wheels and features a special four-wheel steering system. In addition the engineers at Claas created a special feature – crab steering mode. Basically the tractor-like mower is fully street legal. Its dimensions are as follows – 38 ft long, 13 ft high and 11.5 ft wide. We talk about the biggest mower in the world and we still don’t know what we could find under its hood. There is a big Daimler (Chrysler)/Mercedes-Benz OM 457 LA 6-cylinder diesel engine. The maximum power output here is about 480 horsepower. You can’t take it to drag strip as the machine is quite heavy, it weighs around 40,800 lb.

The operating speed here is 13 MPH and the moving speed on the road is 25 MPH. The fuel tank capacity is 250 US gal.

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This massive mower is just amazing! There are a total of five mowers attached to this tractor-like machine. This vehicle is a real badass with its working capacity of up to 22 hectares per hour.

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