Google Executive Surpised His Wife With Ferrari FXX K For Her Birthday

Ferrari FXX K Birthday Gift

Google Executive Surpised His Wife With Ferrari FXX K For Her Birthday

What do you want for your birthday? Do you expect something special from someone? Or it is going to be a normal day in the office and then drink something with a couple of friends. This might be the birthday day for most of us. But the Google executive Benjamin Sloss decided to try something new and surprise his wife for her birthday.

He told her that they are going to travel and spend a day on a track in Fiorano driving their Ferrari 599 XX. The Google executive Benjamin Sloss is a huge gearhead and this is well known in the automobile circles. He made an order last December for something special. He purchased actually a brand new Ferrari FXX K as a present for his wife’s birthday. Initially his wife thought that they are going to race with their Ferrari 599 XX – it is a special model that you cannot drive outside your own driveway or a racetrack.

He bought this special model years ago on a auction while raising funds for the Emilia earthquake in 2012. However, on the birthday morning there ware 2 cars waiting for them in front of the house. One of them was covered and it was basically waiting for the couple. Instead of lapping in their Ferrari 599 XX, the Google executive’s wife was going to race with her own race car – Ferrari FXX K.

That was going to be a birthday day to remember. The couple that sleeps together, also races together now. All the race between them was captured and you could find a lot of posts on Sloss’s Instagram account, @yonly65.

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