Guess The Car Behind The Shopping Carts – Think Twice Before Double Parking Next Time

double parking revenge

Guess The Car Behind The Shopping Carts – Think Twice Before Double Parking Next Time

This time it’s all about one shopper who is going to be very upset over his double-parked car. Someone pissed off took his time to box the double-parked car in by shopping carts. Maybe the driver will think twice before double parking like this next time. What do you guys think? The funny thing here is that this is just a Nissan Juke. It seems really small next to these shopping carts. It’s not an expensive car at all. There are other kind of drivers – if they see a guy like this one, they would park so close to his driver door that the faulty driver will have to wait or climb over the passenger side.

If you double park at the end of the parking lot and there are many free spots left that are closer to the shop entrance, maybe there will be no revenge for these guys. This is not the case here – the guys double parked at the very beginning of the shop parking. Here is the other side of the story – we often double park far away from the other cars, as we are not willing to park close to other rides. We see this everyday – kids swinging doors open right into other cars. This is not going to change, so if you love your ride and want to keep it shiny, you have to keep it away from other cars as much as you can.

There are adults that are so careless, as well. When a kid hit the other car with the door, the parents often say kids will be kids.

abandoned Chevrolet dealership

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We see guys parking at delivery/pickup spots – idiots as well. And here comes another case – what if you park next to a double-parked ride and the cars leaves before you. In the end it’s going to look like you parked like a dumba$$.

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