Guy Blocking The Traffic To Pose With His Gold BMW I8 Regrets It In Seconds

new yorker smashes bmw i8 windshield

Guy Blocking The Traffic To Pose With His Gold BMW I8 Regrets It In Seconds

Guys like the one from the video on our next page are everywhere nowadays. They live for that moment when they could take a picture worth thousands of ‘likes’. Like the guy from this video – the YouTuber Coby Persin. What was he thinking by the way? Stopping his BMW i8 in the NYC center and blocking the traffic just like this. On the top of that he stopped in the middle of the road… to take a picture. LOL. This is a proof that we have lots of people willing to do anything for social media and getting thousands of ‘likes’ to live. There is something wrong in this. And the guy who smashed his windshield is not a psycho guy. He is just one annoyed New Yorker who is just tired of kids like this one.

That’s why we could change the title of this article to something like ‘Annoyed New York citizen smashes kid’s windshield while posing’. Most of us even didn’t know who was this kid – Coby Persin. This might be a marketing trick as well. He might paid someone to smash his windshield and become famous. It’s an option as well. We have no sympathy for this young boy. We truly don’t like guys showing off in the middle of the road blocking all the traffic. It’s just ugly.

On the other hand, let’s wait for a week as if this is a real situation and not staged, the guy from the video woulbe in the a jail or at least have some charge against him.

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Or if it’s real this is going to be Coby’s first non-staged video – we hope he learn something from it.

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