These Guys Do Mud Truck Tug Of War And Take It Too Far

mud truck tug of war

These Guys Do Mud Truck Tug Of War And Take It Too Far

In this article we are going to see which ride is going to become the King of the mud. It’s going to be interesting to watch this game of tug of war. You could pick up one of these bada$$ rigs as your favourite and see on our next page if you are lucky. Basically all these truck pulls don’t prove a lot. The whole thing is about having some fun in the mud. If you are not aware of such games, then you should own a truck and right after that think about traction. The second point is whose truck is higher than the rest of your enemies.

There are so many videos on the Internet about tug of wars, that we got the idea that lower trucks are actually pulling down on the highest trucks. So, pay attention when you are going pull someone. The secret here is again the traction – the lower the ride is, the more the traction is. Simple as that. The guys from ‘High Octane Films’ did this video and uploaded it in their YouTube channel. We have to think about adding to give you a tutorial on what it takes to win a monster truck tug of war!

But first we are going to have some fun watching this trucks playing in the mud.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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Traction, power and strength – let’s see which of these moster trucks will emerge victor of the tug of war?

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