This Guys Took It Way Too Far Saving The Stuck Truck With A Boat

stuck truck saved by ship

This Guys Took It Way Too Far Saving The Stuck Truck With A Boat

The article is about saving a stuck truck from the mud by a huge ship. Seems legit. Let’s have a look what really happened in this situation. Getting your truck stuck is something common, as these drivers often have to make to make U turns at very strange and inappropriate places. Last week we watched another video about stuck truck. Then we had two pickup trucks waiting to help the truck driver. In the end the Silverado managed to pull it away from the grass zone. This is it – generally, you will need another vehicle armed with a rope or chain. Of course, the other driver must be willing to help you and come along to save your as$.

This time we will watch a video about the same situation – we have a stuck truck in the mud and its driver needs help. The help this time is going to come from a boat, not from another truck. The video on our next page is going to reveal the rescue mission with the obscure circumstances. The boat is very powerful, so it was a piece of cake to do the job. The whole scene is pretty much the same to any other that you might expect to see. The difference here is the towing machine.

The place that this truck got stuck is very problematic and that’s why the driver needed a unique solution to continue his ride.

abandoned Chevrolet dealership

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In the end we have a very unique problem with a unique solution to it.

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