How To Handle Blowouts – Breakdown Of Motorhome Experiencing A Tire Blowout Video

RV tire blowout

How To Handle Blowouts – Breakdown Of Motorhome Experiencing A Tire Blowout Video

Welcome everybody! Today we are going to show you a breakdown of RV tire blowout video. In the end we will see what exactly happened here and how to handle blowouts. You will see the RV going very quickly into the ditch after it suffered a blowout from the driver side. The driver made a great save not to go to the oncoming traffic but unfortunately the RV flipped over. You will see that the driver didn’t hit the brakes as there were no braking lights. The man behind the wheel tried to correct the steer but he got sucked down into the ditch. He tried to line up the RV saving two cars from the oncoming traffic.

We are not tire professionals, but we are going to try to explain the most common problems when it comes to blowouts. The first one is putting too much weight on the tires and the second one is the inflation of the tires. It’s a very very good idea to check your tires before each time you drive. What happens a lot of times in the spring is that many people have their RVs sitting out there for the whole winter. The problem is that they don’t pay attention on the tires when they go out for the first time in the spring. That’s why blowouts happen. In the very first moment we thought that the driver hit the brakes and that was the reason for diving into the ditch.

After zooming in we saw that the driver didn’t hit the brakes – he just tried to correct the steering wheel.

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The problem here is that the driver got off the gas pedal – do not do it. In situations like this you should push the gas pedal.

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