Happy Birthday, Chip! Let’s See Some Of Your Coolest Designs Over The Past Years

Chip Foose Birthday

Happy Birthday, Chip! Let’s See Some Of Your Coolest Designs Over The Past Years

When it comes to automotive designers, the first name that comes to my mind is Chip Foose. He was born back in 1963 on October 13th. He is now 52 and he is still one of the most famous American hot rod shop owners, automotive designers and fabricators. This guy is the star of the Overhaulin’ TV series on Velocity. This guy started working as an automotive designer at age seven for Project Design in Santa Barbara, California. This was actually his father’s company.

Foose decided to continue developing his talent and went to the Art Center College of Design in 1982. The financial difficulties made him leave the college after 2 years. Then he spent 4 years working for Clenet Coachworks. Finally, Chip Foose returned to the Art Center with the intention to complete his education. He graduated in 1990 and a couple of years later he became the president of Coddington’s company Hot Rods by Boyd.

Actually, Chip had designed most of the Coddington’s famous project cars such as the Boydster I and II. 1998 is the year when a new company was started – Foose Design located in Huntington Beach, California. There is one car that marked the beginning of one successful company – a modified 2002 Ford Thunderbird ‘Speedbird’. Unique Performance of Dallas Texas built 500 cars based on a 1969 Foose Designed Camaro Convertible that was present at the 2005 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show.

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Unique Performance handles the marketing of Foose’s other custom car lines since this SEMA show. There are a lot of Foose’s insane award winning designs. We are going to list some of them – Foose 2006 Mustang Stallion, Bob and Wes Rydell’s 35 Chevy Master “Grandmaster”, Grand Master and Impression. Foose Design is still operational and provides design consultations to the Big Three automakers. Hemisfear ( Foose Coupe) is a custom built ride designed by Foose in 1990 and sold at the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Palm Beach in 2007.

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