Harold LeMay Left His Family With A World Record Breaking Classic Car Collection

LeMay car collection

Harold LeMay Left His Family With A World Record Breaking Classic Car Collection

There is one amazing car collection in the town of Tacoma, Washington. It is unlike many in the entire world. It’s about a garage with the keys to the tremendous 300 rides inside. The owner is Doug LeMay who inherited everything from this father Harold LeMay. This car collection is world breaking one full of some of the finest vehicles that were ever sold on the automobile market. If you think of a legendary car, this car collection probably has it. The pure love of Harold LeMay for cars left his family with a world breaking classic car collection. The house that LeMay left when he passed away was not only a permanent place to live for himself, but a home for more than 300 old vintage cars.

Each one of these 300 classic vehicles is in perfect condition and on the top of that each ride has been specially taken care of through the years. If you walk around the house you will find that there are even rooms dedicated for particular models of his collection. His passion to cars and the moment that he was officially hooked to the vehicles is the time when his new family picked him up when he was 3 years old. They picked him up with a 1914 baby grand Chevy. In a few words Harold LeMay was a very successful man. LeMay Enterprises was his first startup and ended up building he 10th largest private trash removal company in the United States of America.

The business and the profit from it gave him the opportunity to enjoy his passion of cars.

2016 Shelby F150

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Why he started collecting vintage cars? It might be coming from the model T Car club where a friend of Harold suggested him to join.

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