Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many Car Guys Use ProCharger Superchargers?

ProCharger superchager

Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many Car Guys Use ProCharger Superchargers?

ProCharger is a famous brand and is well known in the automobile industry. This video is going to show us some amazing facts about this brand of superchargers and what is so special here. If you are one of those guys who think that everything on the top of the engine is a mounted supercharger, you are wrong. You all know how turbo chargers work and that they should be positioned on the exhaust system. On the other side are the superchargers – they are mounted on the top of the engine and they are belt driven.

ProChargers seems very similar to the turbo chargers with the only difference that the back of this unit is actually a belt drive. Something that is missing in the turbo kits. The belt in the back of the ProCharger turns the impellers inside. If you look at the how a turbo charger works you will find that the hot exhaust gases drive the impellers there. That’s why we have this term – turbo lag.

This actually means that the engine is still in the process of developing hot exhaust gas. We have ‘turbo lag’ when there is not enough exhaust gas to turn the impellers. In the world of superchargers this term does not persist. Let’s see the installation process. If you buy a turbo charger kit then you will have to think about adding an intercooler at the front part of the vehicle.

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Then you will have to search for a nice place to position the turbo charger, new electronics, dyno testing and a lot more. The installation of the ProCharger supercharger doesn’t take so much time. It’s very easy to mount it somewhere on the engine side. There is no cross-contamination of oil. Superchargers are known to produce more power due to the fact that they utilize fresh air and produce cooler air than other designs.

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