Hear The Beautiful Cummins Turbo Sound Of This 2nd Gen Swapped 2007 Dodge Ram

Beautiful Cummins Turbo Sound

Hear The Beautiful Cummins Turbo Sound Of This 2nd Gen Swapped 2007 Dodge Ram

Most of us right after they buy a new ride immediately they like to brag with it in front of their family and friends. We believe that every one of us have done that!

Today we have prepared a video of a young man that recorded himself driving his new car! It is a 2007 Dodge Ram! Though, it doesn’t look so much impressive when you hear its name, but the number of over 800.000 views must mean something that is worth watching! What is special about this car is that what is hiding under the hood! This Dodge Ram is powered by a 6 speed Cummins Turbo engine that makes the finest exhaust sound you have ever heard on such a car!

Truly is a pleasure to listen how this motor purrs, it’s like a melody. That is the main reason people are watching this video repeatedly, just to enjoy few more minutes with that elegant Cummins motor! The Jake`s Brakes are one more amazing thing at this remarkable car. They are stopping the fuel to be injected into the cylinders, and therefore are making the engine to be turned into one big air compression!

This 2nd generation 2007 Dodge Ram Cummins is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and Jacobs brake. For those of you who are not aware what is a Jacobs brake, we will give a little more information here. Jake brake or Jacobs brake are used for the same thing. The jake brake is basically an engine retarder that you could find in bigger trucks. Jacobs brake is a brand that manufactures exhaust brakes for medium duty trucks. Enough said, the next thing you need to do is to see this Cummins Turbo engine in action, just play the video below and enjoy this beautiful ride!

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