Hear The Devilish Sound Of This Lamborghini Aventador With Akrapovic Exhaust System

Lamborghini Aventador Akrapovic Exhaust

Hear The Devilish Sound Of This Lamborghini Aventador With Akrapovic Exhaust System

We doubt that there are people who own Lamborghini Aventador and they do not like the exhaust sound of the V12 engine. The sound is just insane when you push the gas pedal. It’s a V12 monster waiting to push it to its limits. But we all know that there is one company that could always make this better – Akrapovic. If you never heard this company we will give you a little more information about it.

Akrapovič is a Slovenian company that manufactures exhaust systems. Initially the company was dealing only with exhaust systems for motorcycles. Recent years the began manufacturing such and for automobiles. It’s really a big company and is well-known when it comes to Moto GP, supermoto, superbike, motocross and all kinds of motorcycle sports. According to their last information the Akrapovic exhaust systems are used in exactly 38 world championships all over the world. The special part of their production line is that they own a titanium foundry and hydroforming machines. This way they use their exhaust systems with materials such as carbon fibre and titanium.

Let’s get back to our start point – we said that Akrapovic could make any car’s sound better. In this category we could find a very rear and powerful car – Lamborghini Aventador. A Dutch based tuning company Baan Velgen decided to test what it takes to add an Akrapovic exhaust system to this V12 monster. In other words the company wanted to make something better with this mid-engine sports car. Its performance figures: 6,498 cc (396.5 cu in) V12 engine that weighs only 235 kg. The engine output is 700 PS @ 8,250 RPM delivering 508 lb·ft of torque.

In the video that you are going to see you will have the chance to hear the beast unleashed. The whole beauty of this naturally aspirated V12 engine is exposed here.

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