Hear The Insane Sound Of The New Ford GT Spotted Testing at Sebring

2017 Ford GT

Hear The Insane Sound Of The New Ford GT Spotted Testing at Sebring

We all know about the new twin turbo V6 engine that will be installed in the new Ford GT. Finally we could see and hear how the car running with this engine. The new Ford GT was spotted while testing at the Sebring track. We love the new sound of this super car – there are a couple of exhaust sounds that could beat the sound of those turbo chargers spooling up and down while shifting.

Before proceeding we will give you some facts about this Ford GT that you should know. This supercar was developed for only one year – that’s what we call a hyper speed in the automobile world. This Ford features a new style – all carbon-fiber, all hand-laid. The Ford GT’s chassis tub and bodywork will be made from carbon fiber and will be hand-laid by an outside supplier. This car will be targeting the best ‘power to weight ratio’ of any car on the market.

The new Ford GT is like a space ship – it is full of tricks. For example, the rear spoiler got a built-in air brake and it could rise vertically and tilt. The car itself is so smart that it could lower at high speed for stability and better aerodynamics. The shoes of the car are nothing special – simple wheels and tires. But the brakes are all carbon-ceramic Brembo as this vehicle really needs to stops from very high speeds.

The engine of this American sports car is located in the rear end of the vehicle. In the front of the Ford GT there is no electric motor like in Porsche 918. There is one interesting thing related to the taillights – the heated air from the intercoolers goes through the center of the rear lights. The best thing here is the engine – twin turbocharged direct-injected 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. We do not have information about the horsepower output here, but we guess it will be around 600 HP.

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