Heavy Load or Bad Drivers?

heavy load crashes and fails

Heavy Load or Bad Drivers?

All over the world there are a lot of accidents and crashes featuring huge machinery with heavy load or equipment. Here is a short list with the most common causes for such accidents: 1. driver error – first place, as those guys should own a special driving license. Do you think that in all accidents the drivers had the right to drive these machines? Drivers’ fault is ten times more likely to be the cause of the fail than any of the other factors according to the FMSCA. Things like driver fatigue, distraction or substance abuse are the leading causes of driver error.

Second place is taken by all inexperienced drivers and their underestimation of the road and the load. This would lead to an accident as well. Improper loading is the third factor – when a truck‚Äôs load is not safely configured or distributed on the trailer. Improper loading could cause the machine to malfunction when moving. Drivers should pay attention to the load – if not being properly secured, then falling off the truck and onto the roadways is something possible. Weather conditions have also a great impact on the safety – it’s all up to the driver his skills.

If you do drive a truck that is heavy loaded, braking distance is the first thing to think about. You should know that it is increased in bad weather, and the truck cannot be stopped as simple as a car.

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Heavy trucks driven on unsafe and dangerous roads can be a disaster.

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