Why Did The Hellcat Engineers Lie To Dodge About The 707 Horsepower Figure

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Why Did The Hellcat Engineers Lie To Dodge About The 707 Horsepower Figure

We are not quite sure why they did this, but thanks to the rogue engineers, the Hellcat beast isn’t the pansy Dodge that we all wanted to be. It wasn’t even intended to be like this. It was something uncommon nowadays when Dodge decided to go nuts and unleash the 707 horsepower Hellcat duo onto the world. In our modern times when every car manufacture thinks about reducing the engine size and getting a better fuel consumption, Dodge unleashed the beast. They built a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 HEMI engine with some incredible performance numbers. 707 horsepower – oh yeah. This is actually the heart, the soul and the winning personality of all Hellcat versions.

Unfortunately, the Detroit Free Press recently uncovered the steps that the engineers took to get the car and present the world all these seriously silly performance numbers. Chris Cowland is the FCA tasked director of SRT powertrain development. He and his team had one job – they had to bring to life a muscle car unlike anything else on the market. Simple as that. Their first goal was to build a ride with ‘only’ 600 horsepower under the hood. Why? They wanted to have a car like this in order to keep the engine reliable. When the guys found that Ford was planning to release a 600-plus version of the Mustang GT500, they had to change the initial plan.

The guys managed to pump the ride to 675 horsepower.

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The team had no chance to extend the deadline. On the top of that they had to keep to the original fuel economy targets.

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