Here Are Some Car Hacks That Will Put A Smile Back On Your Face

15 car hacks

Here Are Some Car Hacks That Will Put A Smile Back On Your Face

It’s not always about the fun while driving your car. There are so many situations that arise. Here is a list with 15 car hacks that might regain some of the enjoyment you have lost. They are all easy for anyone to do and are all cheap. In the end of the list are the dead bugs covering your windshield. You could easily fix this with a paper towel and a razor blade. Scrape the bug bodies off your windshield using the razor blade. In the end collect the dead insects with the paper towel from the edge of the razor. You want to remove the musty smell from your car – just grab a candle and place it in one of the cup holders. The next item in the list is the frozen windshield.

Basically this hack will help you out when having to scrape your windshield free of ice or frost. A little bit of planning is required here. You should park the car the night before so it faces an easterly direction. That’s how the windshield will face the rising sun on cold mornings. After you get some dryer sheets and wipe down a plastic or wooden surface in your ride, place it in the air conditioning vents. This way it would be used to freshen the air inside as well. This is how to deal with ice covered door handles – just use some hand sanitizer over it.

The next item in our list is the phone holder. If you don’t have one, you could use a rubber band instead. This is how to cool a hot car in seconds – roll down one window all the way, then walk to the other side of the car and open and close the door a few times.

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