Here We Go Again – The Ricer Kid Presents ‘Shit Diesel Owners Say’ Video

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Here We Go Again – The Ricer Kid Presents ‘Shit Diesel Owners Say’ Video

Our ricer guy is back and this time he is going to say a few words about his diesel truck. We all were waiting for this video to come and we hope you are going to like it. As we all know this guy films stories about cars and are intended for entertainment only. If you want to lauch so loud form the heart, then you should definitely watch this one. Remember guys that this video will not make fun of diesel fans.

Donnie Lee Jenkins will show his 2006 Chevy Silverado Dirtymax Diesel HD and all of the modifications that he has done. First he is going to talk about the wheels – those wheels are made of a special alloy. The tires are also special, as he wanted to have an excellent grip when he rock crawling, as he does a lot of that on the weekends. The headlights are actually an aftermarket eBay specials. They are real nice and are super air dynamic.

The window tint is exactly 6.6% to match the engine under the hood. The reason the windows are so dark is because he want to hide in the back with his sister’s cousin. But that’s not a problem as she is his sister’s cousin, she is not his cousin. The exhaust system is actually a 5-inch straight pipe all the way from the turbo. In the end it’s a 6-inch tip. The reason he bought the hitch is that he is always pulling Ford’s out of ditches.

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The badge on the doors says 2500 HD. If you don’t know what this ‘HD’ stands for – hard d**cks. That’s what happens to the guys driving this truck and rolling coal on the streets. The engine is 6.6 turbo diesel. Do you know what people say about diesel – diesel get you b*tches. The turbo here is in the exhaust system, of course.

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