Here’s A Way To Make A Set Of Replacement Keys

make a set of replacement keys

Here’s A Way To Make A Set Of Replacement Keys

Have you misplaced your keys or even had them stolen and do not have a spare set of keys to enter your vehicle or home? If you don’t have a locksmith or hardware store nearby, getting a simple key copied can be more hassle than it’s worth. For small padlocks and other very simple locks, you can copy some emergency spare keys with the lid of a food can.

To make your own DIY spare key all you need to do is watch this video. You might want to use pliers and safety gloves to do this project, and please be careful not to cut yourself. This spare key is so compact, you can keep it right in your wallet. It’s also helpful if you have guests coming to town and you want them to have their own extra set of keys. Here how you make it: First you hold the original key over a flame then once the key has a black coating, place it somewhere safe to cool. After that you take strip of tape and place it onto the key to make a print, you carefully peel off the tape then you remove the lid from a can of food and lay it on a table.

Then you stick the tape on the lid and in the end you use a sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut out the key and make it as precise as possible.

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When you do need to use it, hold as far down the key as you can, and turn slowly and carefully. The last thing you want is to break it off in your lock.

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