High Speed Accident At Car Wash Caused $100k in Damage!

car wash accident

High Speed Accident At Car Wash Caused $100k in Damage!

In this article we are going to show you the fastest car wash to date. It’s not just the fastest car wash, but it’s the one that is completely destroyed after it. The accident happened earlier this year at 49 Bicentennial Circle, Sacramento California. A 94-year-old man decided that it was about time to get his car washed. That’s why he went straight to Quick Quack car wash. Unfortunately he stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal when entering the car wash.

All this made the car fly through the car wash with a speed of about 40MPH ramming through everything inside. The old man destroyed almost everything causing $100k in damage. Usually it takes the driver about 2 seconds to realize he/she is on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. It seems that it took 15 seconds for this guy to know he was on the gas pedal. Luckily no one was seriously injured in this accident.

You could watch the whole story from the CCTV footage at the place. You will see the car flying through the car wash and leaving such a mess after. On the other side of the car wash there was a car leaving the vacuum cleaning section. That customer left the area seconds before the old man crashes. It seems to be a very scary event, but hopefully the staff was safe and responded very professionally.

service appointment 1200HP twin turbo 2015 Silverado 1500

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We are not quite sure who is going to pay all that – the driver himself or the insurance? The car point was running again in just a couple of days. Initially when the 94-year-old man rolled up to the place, the staff never expected something like this was about to happen. The old man wanted to get his wheels shined up and that’s all. When he was about to step on the brake and get further instructions from the lady, he just put his foot on the wrong pedal.

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