Home Away From Home- $3.1 Million Will Buy You The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Home

2015 Elemment Palazzo

Home Away From Home- $3.1 Million Will Buy You The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Home

The most luxurious mobile home in the world. The top-of-the-line model offers unbeatable technically innovative and comfort features. The eleMMent palazzo Superior is cutting edge model that has been acknowledged in more than 190 countries as the most lavish and, without hesitation, the most exceptional motor home to-date. Its design talks for itself, combining design features from the worlds of motor-sports, aviation and yachting to create a remarkable work of art. The corpse structure emphasizes the powerful design statement of the eleMMent series while also offering exceptional performance and relaxation. We have selected a very compound corpse construction manufacturing development which outshines the requirements of mobile homes by far.

The outstanding look of the cab is ahead of its time and was contrived with extreme accuracy using high performance carbon fiber resources. Its sports car design lines and 36-inch rim covers look like those of the most recent race vehicles. The cockpit features a middle digital instrumentation and MMI control stimulated by jet cockpits, but functions like a opulence limousine. The panoramic, helicopter-like windshield can be dimmed in two stages using an adaptable sun protection method. The Sky Lounge is one of the most interesting highlights of the eleMMent palazzo superior. Astonishing and exclusively reserved for the owner’s stupendous panoramic views, its mechanical lift system raises it up out of the body to create a walled-in roof deck.

An exterior stairwell leads up to the large deck with incorporated lounge furniture.

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Its self-sufficient and extremely strong structure with a 60+ mm wall thickness offers exceptional steadiness and an lagging rating comparable to journey vehicles that operate on extreme off-road territories.

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