Homebuilt V12 Ford Engine Shakes Down The Dyno With Its 697 HP

Homebuilt V12 Ford Engine

Homebuilt V12 Ford Shakes Down The Dyno With Its 697 HP

This is how things are at the moment! Jan Baker, as a true racing fan got an idea, The Ford Motor Company should built a V12 engine so it could be at the level with all the popular car building companies, like Mercedes for example! That wasn’t possible in the 60`s maybe, but today it can surely be done. But, if we wait for Ford to build that kind of engine, is like “Waiting for Godot”!

Therefore, Jan decided that he needs to take things into his own hands! He started building from two 302 Ford blocks, than thanks to his engineering and welding knowledge, he finally came up with the V12 block!!! Then one small shop gave him a chance to see the performance figures of his masterpiece. Automotive Specialists in Concord, NC gave him a chance to dyno test his one-of-a-kind V12 engine.

It’s important to know that there were three Cleveland heads for the cylinders. He needed to cut them up in order to make two! Baker was very careful, during that procedure, any wrong move and his effort was going to be all for nothing! Nothing was designed. Almost every single thing in this engine was taken from existing motors! At the end it was all worth it, this monster of a motor has 4090 inch bore along with 3500 inch stroke and the displacement of the engine is 552 cubic inches! We can gladly say that this engine is completed. And all that hard work from Jan was finished at the right time for the DYNO!

Take a look at the video below and check out the DYNO chart with all the numbers of this powerful V12 engine! Could you imagine having a 552 Boss V12 custom built engine under the hood. On the top of that the engine features Windsor bottom end Cleveland top end.

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