Hoorah for the Cummins – Hero Driver Ends High-Speed Chase Through Park

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Hoorah for the Cummins – Hero Driver Ends High-Speed Chase Through Park

In this article we are going to see how a heroic driver rammed his own pickup truck into a stolen car. The reason for doing this was to stop a 14-years-old kid who decided to take his grandfather’s car for a little spin. Actually, this ride was terrible and nobody would soon forget it. The white ride was reported stolen a few hours ago by the teen’s father. The car was spotted when it was speeding through a local park. In the video on our next page you are going to see lots of children and adults running out of the way of the ride.

The moment when the car entered the park, the joyride of the teen turned to a nightmare. It was a mess, children were screaming, adults were trying to escape from the chaos. Then a brave father got into his truck and slammed it into the white hatchback to end the mayhem. Bryson Rowley is the guy who brought the fun to a crashing halt. He was listening to the local police scanner through a smartphone application. He got no idea what to do and then decided to ram the Hyundai Veloster with his truck.

This is how a nice afternoon could be turned easily to a nightmare.

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Small kid, stolen car, no driving skills – you could expect the worse in this situation.

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