How It’s Made – Meet This Amazing Braiding Machine For Carbon Fiber

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How It’s Made – Meet This Amazing Braiding Machine For Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is one of those materials that are both strong and durable. We talk about materials that you might find on a car. Carbon fiber is used in a lot of applications – from body panels to driveshafts. In this article we are going to see how all these fibers are transformed into one solid piece. The carbon fiber is also known as graphite fiber or graphite fibre. Its fibers are about 5–10 micrometres in diameter. All the fibers are composed mainly of carbon atoms. The final carbon fiber is created by bonding carbon atoms together in crystals. Let’s dive inside the process and take a close look. How exactly is carbob fiber weaved together?

The final production that you could find on the market is the so called fabric. One fabric made of woven carbon filaments contains several thousand carbon fibers that are bundled together. The carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace, car manufacturing, civil engineering, military and motorsports. The reason for this is one – the carbon fiber properties. Let’s write down some of them – low weight with high tensile strength, high temperature tolerance with a low thermal expansion. As you could see there are just a couple of materials that are so close when it comes to properties of the material. The price is something that makes it hard for the carbon fiber to be implemented everywhere.

Similar fibers like glass fibers or plastic fibers are a lot cheaper than the carbon fibers.

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One very popular product that you could find is the carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer which is often offered as carbon fiber. This product is a mixture between carbon fibers and plastic resin.

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